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Community and social action.

Community and social action

There are some groups and organizations out there doing really great and important work to better our global community. I am very appreciative of them, and am excited to support them through a combination of volunteer work and financial support. I want to share them with you for 3 reasons: 1) It is a way for you to check out something that is important to me. 2) So that you can see, when you hire us, where a percentage of your investment goes. 3) To introduce you to some groups that you might like to support as well.

Mustard Seed Communities - based in the inner city of Kingston, Jamaica

  • Why I like these guys: The people at Mustard Seed Communities are amazing! Their mission is huge - they take in all the homeless and handicapped children in a place where there is no other option for them. These kids would literally die in the street without MSC. I am consistently impressed and inspired by how much they do with so little. They are unbelievably dedicated, efficient and have faith like I have never seen.
  • What we are doing: We have an ongoing project to provide clean, hot water to their facilities, including the babies with AIDS facility. We also provide financial support. Please follow this link for the full story about our project: Mustard seed solar project
  • Or go to www.mustardseed.com for more on them.

    Food on Foot in Hollywood and Venice - Feeding the Poor

    Food on Foot is a non-profit organization that has been feeding and clothing over 500 poor and homeless individuals and families each week.

  • Why we like them: Super efficient program - a dollar in is a dollar going directly to training and food.
  • What we are doing: Bob, Susan, Simon and I joined them to feed the homeless and check out their program; we were very impressed and had a great time. We provide them with financial support.
  • www.foodonfoot.org

    Clay Works for Kids is an after-school program that gives pre-teens the chance to express themselves artistically while staying off the streets during peak crime hours. It also gives their families access to case management to ensure these kids are growing up in strong and healthy homes.

  • Why we like them: It’s art, it’s kids, and it’s really important!
  • We provide them with financial support.
  • For more information on this and other Venice Community Housing Corp programs check out: www.vchcorp.org/

    Venice Family Clinic is currently providing a medical home for 18,500 low-income men, women, children, teens and seniors who lack health care. My heart-felt congratulations go out to them for 25 years of community service.

  • Why we like them: you don’t have to spend much time at the clinic to see the incredible volume and the overwhelming need for affordable health care in our area.
  • What we are doing: Volunteer photography and financial support.
  • www.venicefamilyclinic.org

    I know this is a lot to read on a web site, so I am going to just list the links to other groups we support. However, I would love to talk to you about them in person!

    Habitat for Humanity

    Putting volunteers together with people in need to build non-profit homes.


    Nature Conservancy

    They are about preservation the simple way. If they feel something is in need of being preserved, they buy it, done. So far they have protected 116 million acres around the world!


    AFSC (American Friends Service Committee)

    Doing a great job to provide both immediate aid and long-term development for people on all sides of violent strife. www.afsc.org

    Southern Poverty Law Center

    The Southern Poverty Law Center was founded in 1971 as a small civil rights law firm. Today, the Center is internationally known for its tolerance education programs, its legal victories against white supremacists and its tracking of hate groups.


    Boys and Girls club of Venice

    Helping to inspire and enable all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, caring citizens.


    American Red Cross - offers biomedical, blood-donation, disaster, and emergency services. It seems like every time there is a big need, the Red Cross is there.


    Tree People

    Bringing the urban forest to life in Los Angeles.